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By visiting the online store for each of its products and by clicking on ORDER, get suggestions for LOCAL BEER pairingprepared by Jean-François Gibson from Chez Gibb - Boutique Specialisée

                         The cheese taste range of Fromage au Village is very large and full of flavors. Finding pairings with local beers was really fun, even though I took this mission very seriously! Thanks to the Fromage au Village team for trusting me and I hope you will appreciate the suggestions I've presented.

                                                                                                                       Jean-François Gibson


Le Cru du Clocher

Our classic! A cheddar cheese made from raw milk and aged six months. The milk used comes from four neighbouring herds selected according to the feed given to cows and the milk’s microbial quality. Six months aging is relatively young for cheddar, but it has a medium-strong taste and a very creamy texture.


Le Coeur du Village

The Coeur du Village is a layered pasteurized cheddar. The middle layer is macerated in red wine jelly from the Domaine Desducs, a local winery. The wheel’s exterior is also crafted with red wine jelly. The Coeur du Village has a distinctive appearance, and it’s very beautiful!


Le Cendré de Notre-Dame

The Cendré de Notre-Dame cheese is made from cow’s milk. Immaculate white and firm in texture, its bloomy rind barely reveals a thin black vegetable ash that coats its surface. 

On a platter, it stands out perfectly as a first course, both as a result of its appearance and its fresh cream aroma. 


La Coulée des Érables

The Coulée des Érables is a soft cheese with a washed rind. Ripened for 60 days, its hazelnut aroma will titillate your nostrils as well as your taste buds! 


Le Cru du Clocher - Réserve 2 ans

The “Two-Year Reserve” Cru du Clocher cheddar is made only from raw cow milk from herds located in the vicinity of the cheese factory, selected on the basis of cow feed and on the milk’s microbial quality. The “Two-Year Reserve” has a firmer texture, a fairly strong flavour as well as a certain creaminess. 


Le Diable aux Vaches

This semi-firm washed-rind cheese, of the Maroilles type, is made from pasteurized milk produced by local herds. Ripened on the surface with brine for 40 days, its reddish crust is sometimes covered with a white and moist down. Its ivory core is smooth and creamy. The cheese exudes a herbaceous and country aroma, and its taste, also herbaceous, has pleasant notes of farm-fresh milk that linger in the mouth.


Le Sieur Corbeau de Lorrainville

The Sieur Corbeau offers a very creamy and semi-firm texture that will please all cheese lovers. A light bloomy rind gives this cheese a very special cachet.



The Angélus is a delicious soft cheese with a bloomy rind that is made from pasteurized whole cow milk. The Angélus belongs to the brie and Camembert family: its texture is runny and its taste is creamy. Cooking with it is very interesting: it can, for example, be oven-baked like brie. A mild cheese, it can be served any time of the day.


Le Cru du Clocher - Crème de Cassis

Aged six months, the Cru du Clocher Crème de Cassis offers aromas of slightly fermented fruit. Its festive red marbling is created by the crème de cassis L’Échappée Belle, a blackcurrant liquor made by Verger des Tourterelles, a local orchard.  


Le Fleurs d'Aïl

Made from cow’s milk, this cheese is firm and unripened. We have added garlic scapes to give it a light and sweet taste: delightful as a snack or with an aperitif. It’s also perfect for enhancing the flavour of certain dishes, especially when grated.


Le Casimir

This soft cheese with a bloomy rind is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It’s a Camembert that offers a sweet smell and delightful flavours of milk, hazelnuts and mushroom. Named in honour of all the “Casimirs” who cleared our lands.


La Fondue au Village

Made from a blend of raw-milk cheddar (six-month-old and two-year-old Cru du Clocher) and Fleurs d’ail, the Fondue au Village is a delicately scented cheese perfumed with garlic scapes. Its texture is silky and its aromas are rather fruity and floral with a slightly acidic touch. Each bite reveals the taste of Témiscamingue! 


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